Another Hackney FRA error revealed

Another Hackney FRA error revealed

A FIRE risk assessment (FRA) for one of the borough’s blocks was erroneously dated, making officials think the check was taken twice in four days.

Hackney Citizen reported on the error, which saw the surveyor wrongly date an FRA for 24 June 2017 instead of 4 October 2016, with 1-80 Wayman Court showing two checks as undertaken ‘within a few days of each other earlier this year’ in June. The check had taken place on 28 June 2017, with the town hall noting that the issue was down to a ‘recording error’, because FRAs are ‘usually reviewed annually or every two years’.

A Hackney Council spokesperson stated: ‘The previous FRA [24 June 2017] should have read 4 October 2016 – the assessor noted the wrong date in error. The council has carried out this FRA [28 June 2017] as part of the work to revisit all FRAs that were done prior to April 2017 by the end of the year.’

Previously, the council had revealed another recording error was to blame when another block was found to not have had an FRA in ‘over five years’, with the council on that matter claiming that the surveyor ‘mistakenly recorded’ an FRA as completed ‘when actually numerous failed attempts had been made to get into the building’.

The council has been publishing the most recent 1,800 FRAs for its properties online, much as Islington has recently agreed to.