BAFE opens FRA scheme consultation

BAFE opens FRA scheme consultation

THE ORGANISATION has opened a five week public consultation on a proposed revision of its SP205 fire risk assessment (FRA) scheme.

BAFE stated that the consultation over the revision has come as the value of third party certification ‘is increasingly being recognised’, with such certification ‘especially important regarding the competency’ of FRA providers. FRAs, it adds, are ‘fundamental for supporting the responsible person/duty holder to ensure ongoing fire safety in buildings’, and so it is ‘crucial’ that an ‘evidentially competent provider’ is used.

The SP205 scheme is ‘regularly monitored’ and has been under review ‘due to demand from the industry to make it more approachable for sole traders’, BAFE noting that it has ‘listened’. As a result, and alongside support from a ‘dedicated monitoring group’ consisting of industry experts, the organisation has developed a proposed updated document for public comment.

Among the principal changes in this include a ‘dedicated sole trader application process’, which BAFE said acts as a ‘pre-audit’, and assists sole traders in preparing for the full certification body assessment under SP205. The full proposal document is available online here, with BAFE stating that it ‘encourage[s] the industry and all interested parties to read and provide comment’ during the consultation period – which lasts from 5 April to 10 May 2019.

Chris Auger, BAFE schemes manager, commented: ‘This effort to offer accessible third party certification to the many sole traders offering fire risk assessment services is to aid the industry in leading the drive for competent providers performing this work to a high standard. This has been a challenging process, but the outcome is that both sole traders and all sizes of organisation can now become third party certificated and BAFE registered without diminishing the requirements for competence.’