Care home ‘compromised’ residents’ safety

Care home ‘compromised’ residents’ safety

A CARE Quality Commission (CQC) report for a Bolton care home found it had a ‘lack of fire safety protocol’.

The Bolton News reported on the CQC report into Take A Break With Choices, a home in The Haulgh, which it placed into ‘special measures’ after an investigation. Resident safety was said to have been ‘compromised’ in the home, which failed to ‘adhere to infection procedures’ and featured a ‘lack of fire safety protocol’.

After an investigation in August this year, the CQC noted that there was ‘no evidence of a fire risk assessment, testing of emergency equipment or fire drills taking place. We noted that some fire doors were propped open. The registered manager was unaware that personal emergency evacuation plans should be in place’.

The home provides respite care for up to seven people, with Bolton Council stating that the report was ‘disappointing and concerning’, suspending placements there, though the home’s management responded that the report was ‘demonstrably wrong and misleading’, and its ‘outraged’ staff questioned the accuracy of the report as well.

In its response, the home stated the report was ‘not fair and balanced’, having only taken ‘into account the views of one resident’, and its manager alleged a ‘conflict of interest’ as she knew the CQC inspector.