Construction companies ‘yet to change’ post Hackitt

Construction companies ‘yet to change’ post Hackitt

ACCORDING TO a survey of construction companies, a majority of firms in the sector ‘have yet to change the way they work in line with’ the recommendations made by Dame Judith Hackitt.

Building reported on its survey of construction companies ‘two years on’ from the Grenfell Tower fire, in which it found that a majority of firms ‘have yet to change the way they work in line with recommendations’ made by Dame Judith in her report. Around 56% of firms ‘had not changed how they assess the competence of their staff’, while 49% had ‘yet to change’ the way that they ‘carried out such competency checks’ on supply chain partners.

Another 46% surveyed said they had ‘not been swayed’ by Hackitt’s recommendations relating to changing the way building safety information was shared with supply chain partners, while 32% reported ‘no change’ in product specification or performance checks. Additionally, more than a third of those questioned reported ‘no change’ in terms of checking the quality of work undertaken on site.

Despite Dame Judith’s report calling for a ‘wholesale shift’ in attitudes towards building safety, when respondents were asked how much change had taken place in their own operations, ‘as many as one-fifth’ of respondents reported ‘no change’, while a ‘similar proportion’ mentioned only ‘middling change’, and ‘nearly half’ of companies said there had been ‘minor change’.

Another 32% of the companies said they were doing ‘much more’ in terms of product specification and performance checks, while only 18% were ‘significantly stepping up’ checks of the quality of on site works.