Council bids for government fire safety funding

Council bids for government fire safety funding

SHEFFIELD CITY Council is lobbying the government for funding of fire safety works, estimating that it would need around £40m to cover the costs of new national recommendations.

The Star reported on the bid by councillors to receive government funding for fire safety works, with the council stating that it has ‘always taken fire safety seriously’, but that ‘there are new national recommendations’ post Grenfell that will cost around £40m to implement. It added that it needs ‘financial support’, and has completed remedial works ‘where needed’ but will ‘have to factor in costs from any new legislation’.

Council housing business plan officer Louise Cassin stated in a report that it was ‘clearly a significant, but necessary, further challenge’ unless additional government funding was secured’, while the report adds: ‘The successful management of flats also comes with additional responsibilities in the post-Grenfell era. We have always taken fire safety seriously and have pro-actively reviewed our stock and our approaches following the tragic event.

‘We will take a pro-active approach to ensure we comply but initial assessment of the challenge indicates that financial support is needed from government and we will be making a case for this with government. Investment in sprinklers, fire alarms, fire doors, combined with a robust regime of managing schemes and inspections will cost an estimated £40m and without grant support may require priorities in the investment plan to be revisited.’

Adding that it was working with residents to ‘ensure people know what to do if a fire breaks out’, the council’s report said: ‘We want to ensure that our tenants are safe and that their homes continue to comply with relevant legislation. We have now completed the recladding works on Hanover tower block with active support from the community.

‘Other key investment priorities will include continuing to implement fire safety works including sprinklers and fire stopping works on the tower blocks, continuing to invest in roofing replacement and electrical upgrades.’