Council property had no fire risk assessment for five years

Council property had no fire risk assessment for five years

THE BUILDING in Hackney was ‘left unchecked’ with regards to fire risk assessments (FRAs) for over five years.

Hackney Citizen reported on the property on Amhurst Road, which Hackney Council ‘admitted’ had seen a delayed FRA for two years because the surveyor ‘could not gain entry’, with the cumulative effect being that the fire safety issues ‘went unchecked for over five years’. When that FRAeventually took place in 2017, no fire detection or alarm system was found, and an FRA had not been carried out between January 2012 and April 2017 in total.

The assessment recommended a fire detection or alarm system ‘be fitted within six months’, with responsibility for arranging an FRA having previously been with arms length management organisation (ALMO) Hackney Homes, owned by the council. However, this was scrapped in 2016, with housing brought back under the council’s direct control. The council noted it was ‘not aware’ of any other such cases, with the next FRA to take place in a year’s time.

A town hall spokesperson stated: ‘An FRA was due to take place on this property in 2015, however, the assessor could not gain entry into the property despite trying a number of times. The council has worked with on-street property residents to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Being an on-street property, surveyors in the past have not been able to enter the building in order to undertake an FRA.

‘This meant that scheduled assessments did not take place until there was another available date in the FRA programme. Residents have been written to in the past and the council will now use a locksmith if an assessor is unable to enter a property.’