Dorset and Wiltshire welcomes government funding

Dorset and Wiltshire welcomes government funding

THE FIRE service welcomed an increase in government funding for local services after increased ‘recent migration’.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service (DWFRS) commented that the £278,000 funding boost would be granted to Swindon from the Controlling Migration Fund, which ‘aims to help ease the pressures on local services – such as housing, school and health – as a result of recent migration’. Swindon Borough Council applied for the support after a fatal fire last November, in which two people died, with free fire detection equipment among the services to be offered.

Glyn Moody, group manager and deputy area commander for Swindon, stated: ‘After this fire, the service carried out a huge amount of community safety work in the immediate area, visiting homes, fitting smoke detectors, and making sure that both residents and businesses had access to the information they needed to stay safe.

‘However, we knew that there were many more households within the Broad Green community that we hadn’t been able to reach, so we started to work with the council to see how we could overcome that. This new funding will see four council-employed advisors working closely with our own Safe & Well team, especially targeting people living in houses of multiple occupation.’

‘In the days and weeks immediately after the tragic fire in Manchester Road, we were able to reach hundreds of homes and, in fact, another fire at an address elsewhere in Broad Green was detected quickly and contained when smoke alarms activated just a few weeks after we had installed them. This new partnership with the Council will enable us to bring similar support to so many households in this area of Swindon, and potentially lives will be saved as a result.’

This team will offer the free equipment as well as ‘targeted welfare adaptations’, and provide support ‘to enable individuals to remain living independently in safe conditions’, alongside offering ‘key safety advice to landlords’. Both DWFRS and the council will also be able to take enforcement action ‘when necessary’.