Dubai suffers another skyscraper fire

A fire engulfed 30 floors of a residential skyscraper in Dubai in the latest in a number of major fires to take place in tall buildings in the Gulf.

On 20 July, firefighters battled for more than three hours to extinguish a blaze at the 75-storey Sulafa tower in Marina District. Burning debris fell to the ground and residents were evacuated from the 285m tall property. There were no injuries or fatalities during the incident.

It’s thought the fire spread quickly across 30 stories due to burning parts of the building’s cladding fell on to balconies and created additional fires. An investigation into the cause of the fire is now underway.

In 2012, residents of the same block, which has 700 flats, were evacuated by a fire in an apartment on the 36th floor. Dubai has suffered a number of major fires involving skyscrapers in recent years but there is yet to be a fatality in any of these incidents. On New Year’s Eve last year, the 63-storey Address hotel in central Dubai caught fire following an electrical fault between the 14th and 15th floors.