Electrical Safety First on white goods safety

Electrical Safety First on white goods safety

THE ORGANISATION has stated that it ‘fully’ supports the London Fire Brigade (LFB) led letter to Prime Minister Theresa May regarding white goods fires.

LFB, alongside trade organisations including Electrical Safety First, and the Mayor of London, recently sent a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May urging action on ‘white goods’ fires ‘one year on’ from a fire in a Shepherd’s Bush tower block caused by a faulty Indesit tumble dryer, and six years after the death of Santosh Benjamin Muthiah in a fire ‘caused by a Beko fridge’.

The LFB noted ‘many people will die in fires caused by faulty white goods […] unless the government takes urgent action’. After the second fire, the government ‘has yet to implement any safety recommendations made’, the letter demanding ‘action before more people lose their lives’. Electrical Fire Safety’s chief executive Phil Buckle was a signatory to the letter, and added further comments on the move.

He stated: ‘One year on from the Shepherd’s Court fire, we fully support London Fire Brigade’s call to Government to urgently address the issue of white good fires. In England alone over five fires a day are caused by white goods. These fires can have devastating effects as we have seen at Shepherd’s Court, Lakanal House and of course Grenfell Tower.

‘As members of the government’s Working Group on Product Recalls and Safety, we have offered our recommendations on an improved product safety system, including the introduction of a centralised recall database. Now we, along with the London Fire Brigade, the Mayor of London and other safety campaigners would like to see these recommendations put into action. Otherwise, every day white good fires put more lives at risk.’