Fire Sector Federation appoints new chair

Fire Sector Federation appoints new chair

MICHAEL HARPER has been appointed as the new chair of the Fire Sector Federation (FSF), as part of a ‘wider restructuring’ of the organisation.

Mr Harper was appointed at an extraordinary general meeting held in September, and the FSF said that his appointment is ‘part of a wider restructuring’ of the federation ‘which involves senior level changes to help the organisation meet increasing future demands’. These include the appointment of a board to manage affairs, governance, communications and management of the FSF’s workstream’s activities.

Vice chairman Dennis Davis was appointed as executive officer, and will take responsibility for ‘day to day matters’, with Mr Harper having previously served as chairman of Ricardo, Vitec Group and BBA Aviation, as well as senior independent director of Catlin Group Limited, director of Williams and chief executive officer of Kidde.

He stated: ‘I am pleased to have been appointed as Chair of the Fire Sector Federation at what is a significant time for the Fire Sector, where the Grenfell Tower fire has rightly initiated an inquiry and reviews which will have far reaching effects for the fire sector. It is the intention of my Board Colleagues and myself that the Fire Sector Federation is efficient, effective and communicates well internally and externally to the Investigatory Bodies.

‘To that end we have been encouraged by the support of key members of the Federation who are supporting the high work load. We will be working with all our members and external contacts to ensure the effective delivery of the informed views of the fire sector at this important time.’

Mr Davis added: ‘Michael’s appointment as an independent non-executive chair brings fresh expertise to the Federation, which will help as it restructures and improve its response to growing demands. Michael has a wealth of operational and corporate experience, following an extensive career in corporate business and as a Board member within a range of engineering and aviation businesses. I am sure his involvement will be invaluable in evolving the Federation at this crucial time.’