Former hotel owner jailed after fire safety breaches

Former hotel owner jailed after fire safety breaches

THE FORMER hotelier in Sheffield was handed an eight month jail sentence after he admitted to breaching fire safety rules in 2014.

Mr Amandeep Sandhu owned the Cutlers Hotel in Sheffield, and was prosecuted by Yorkshire Fire and Rescue following an investigation in 2014, which found that the hotel – at that time – did not have a working fire alarm, ordering its closure while safety improvements were made.

However, at a second inspection three days later, more fire safety law breaches were discovered, including that Mr Sandhu had not carried out an adequate fire risk assessment, as well as that the hotel did not have the requisite fire detectors and alarms. Other breaches consisted of inadequate emergency lighting, and that hotel staff had not been given adequate training.

Steve Helps, head of Prevention and Protection at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, stated: ‘We always try to work positively with businesses to comply with fire safety regulation, but this case is a stark reminder of the consequences of failing to comply with those laws.

‘Had a fire broken out in these premises then there can be little doubt that lives would have been lost.’

Saxon Hotels bought the hotel in 2015 and refurbished it, with a spokesman commenting: ‘We would like to point out that Saxon Hotels has no connection at all to the previous owner. Saxon Hotels takes guest safety seriously and after purchase we undertook an extensive refurbishment and upgrading of the historic city centre hotel which included all aspects of fire and safety systems.’