LFB launches kit bags for high rise scenarios

LFB launches kit bags for high rise scenarios

LONDON FIRE Brigade (LFB) firefighters will be able to use the F.I.R.E bags at the scenes of incidents, specifically high rises.

The brigade announced that the fire initial response equipment (F.I.R.E) bags have been introduced on all its appliances to ‘help crews carry equipment from appliances to the scenes of incidents’, having been trialled after firefighters ‘highlighted the challenges of carrying multiple pieces of equipment to the bridgehead’, or the main scene of operations ‘where breathing apparatus crews are sent in’ at high rise incidents.

Within the bag are a dry riser wheel for replacing missing or damaged wheels; an adjustable 154mm spanner for ‘loosening or tightening rise wheels’; door stoppers; searched signs for ‘marking rooms as searched’; and LFB access keys. Equipment within the bags is fastened into pouches secured by Velcro, and the bags are made from high visibility orange material, intended for use as a backpack and weighing a maximum of 16kg.

LFB noted that ‘when not in use’ the bag will be ‘stored filled with all its equipment’ on the appliance ‘ready for its next use’, and all bags were delivered to pump and pump ladders at the LFB’s fire stations across the city last month.

Sami Goldbrom, station manager from LFB’s operational policy team, said: ‘The new F.I.R.E bag is a great piece of kit which will make it easier for firefighters to carry equipment from one place to another. We developed the bag after crews said it could sometimes be difficult to carry all the required equipment to the bridgehead, particularly at high-rise incidents where this entry and exit point may be several floors above ground.

‘The new kit bags are designed to be a ‘grab and go’ solution to efficiently and systematically transport the essential items of equipment required at the bridgehead in the early stages of an incident.’