Moorland fires continue

Moorland fires continue

THE NATIONAL Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has given an update on the operations to deal with the two incidents in Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Last week, the NFCC discussed the fire on Saddleworth Moor in Greater Manchester, and has now updated on both that fire and another in Rivington, Lancashire. The council stated that firefighters from across the UK ‘continue to work together’ to tackle the two ‘significant’ incidents, which between them cover an area of around 27 square kilometres. A ‘huge national response’ has seen crews from 21 fire and rescue services assist with high volume pumping units and all terrain vehicles.

It stated that resourcing of the incident is supported by both the National Resilience Assurance Team and National Resilience Fire Control alongside with NFCC tactical advisers and a specialist wildfire group. These individuals are ‘offering expertise’ to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service’s and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service’s incident command teams, in terms of professional and operational guidance.

In turn, National Resilience has an enhanced logistic support capability ‘in attendance’ in Lancashire to assist with ‘coordination of the assets’. Around 47 appliances are in attendance and 150 firefighters, while air support from United Utilities is being used to drop water on affected areas, and drones are being used for reconnaissance to ‘provide vital operational intelligence to the incident commanders to inform their tactical plans’.

Roy Wilsher, NFCC chair, stated: ‘The response from fire and rescue services across the country has been incredible. Incidents of this scale needs a coordinated, joined-up approach; this ensures we have the right people, assets and equipment in place. NR Fire Control in Merseyside is assisting with the coordination of all supporting assets. NFCC is continuing to provide regular updates to the government about the incident.

‘I would like to thank everyone who is assisting at the incident, from firefighters, partners and also to the general public who have come together to offer help and assistance.’