More tenants told to pay for fire safety work

More tenants told to pay for fire safety work

ONE DEVELOPMENT run by FirstPort in London will charge leaseholders up to £1m for cladding removal work.

Daily Star reported on the rising costs to leaseholders from cladding removal, stating that one development in London will see leaseholders pay up to £1m ‘between them to remove material’ similar to that used on Grenfell Tower. In turn, another building’s residents will see bills of over £166,000 per month ‘for wardens to monitor the site’.

Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick commented: ‘Leaseholders are too often subject to unreasonable charges and the process to challenge them is difficult. The costs residents face to make their home safe show the system is failing.’

Sebastian O’Kelly, from the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, added: ‘Surely freeholders can dig into their pockets to pay something towards these gargantuan bills? They receive considerable and undeserved income from ground rents and other charges after all.’

FirstPort responded: ‘Our first priority is the safety of residents. We’re taking steps to remove cladding that’s failed combustibility tests in line with clear government instructions. We have also taken immediate measures to safeguard homes before work is complete, including a 24-hour fire watch as required by the local fire officer.’