New Capital Quay cladding removal plans submitted

New Capital Quay cladding removal plans submitted

THE PLANS to remove the cladding across 11 residential blocks in Greenwich have been submitted, five months after payment concerns were eased by the National House Building Council (NHBC).

Last July, the NHBC reported that it had decided to pay the costs for removing and replacing combustible cladding on the complex. Earlier that year, the complex, found to have ‘multiple’ fire safety issues, saw residents concerned they would have to pay an estimated £20m to £40m bill, or around £20,000 to £40,000 per flat to resolve issues and remove cladding.

Developers Galliard Homes planned to sue the NHBC over payment, while resident Cecile Langevin discovered her flat’s value had fallen from £475,000 to £50,000 as a result. It later transpired that government body Homes England ‘agreed to virtually wipe out’ her loan, which ‘raises the prospect of multimillion-pound losses for the government scheme on any flat that goes into negative equity’.

Residents of New Capital Quay were also considering legal action against Galliard Homes over combustible cladding replacement costs. After that, local councillor Mehboob Khan called for the government to fund the removal of the complex’s ‘potentially lethal’ cladding, with this particular issue illuminated by original developer of Croydon site Citiscape – Barratt Homes – stepping in to fund cladding replacement after a tribunal had found against tenants, who might have had to pay £31,000 each.

Resident Nerisa Ahmed considered suing government agency Target HCA, which administers the help to buy scheme that she used to help buy her flat, before the NHBC intervened. News Shopper has now reported that the plans to remove and replace the cladding have ‘finally been submitted’, with all 2,000 residents of the 992 flats – 334 of which are social housing – to see the cladding replaced on their homes.

The application will be considered by council officers, with council leader Dan Thorpe stating in July: ‘This decision regarding New Capital Quay is extremely welcome and long overdue. The residents affected by ACM cladding have been put under an enormous strain and this council, along with local MP Matthew Pennycook and our local ward councillors, have supported their calls for the blocks to be replaced with new safe cladding.’