‘Urgent’ fire safety fixes in Hackney revealed

‘Urgent’ fire safety fixes in Hackney revealed

FIRE RISK assessments (FRAs) ordered by the borough council after the Grenfell Tower fire have found there are nearly 3,000 jobs to be undertaken.

Hackney Citizen reported on the nearly 3,000 ‘urgent’ fire safety jobs ‘that need doing’ in the borough, coming from FRAs ordered after the Grenfell Tower fire. Last year, the council – through mayor Philip Glanville – released 1,800 FRAs online having previously apologised for providing incorrect fire safety information on the day of the Grenfell Tower fire and ‘misleading’ the public.

He had stated on 14 June that ‘all of our buildings have an up-to-date fire risk assessment (FRA)’, but after one assessment was found to be ‘out of date’ and another had not been undertaken for five years, he said ‘we apologise, it was not our intention to mislead anyone’. He had also claimed that the ‘priority work’ needed on building had ‘been done’, though this was also ‘false’.

The council has not said how many of the jobs have been completed, with the Hackney Citizen having ‘asked for this information for several months’, and a council spokesperson commented: ‘Our 1,823 FRAs identified 2,978 high priority recommendations – most of these related to things like checking leaseholders’ fire doors and the removal of obstructions.

‘All of the high priority recommendations have been actioned and the London Fire Brigade remains satisfied with our response.’