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A safer future

26 September, 2014

Dr Jim Glockling gives an overview of the FPA’s Safe Futures Campaign and highlights its key objectives.

Grenfell prosecutions unlikely until 2021

07 March, 2019

SCOTLAND YARD has admitted that no charges were likely to be made ‘for at least two years’ and after the inquiry has concluded, with survivors and the bereaved

Hull high rise fires ‘being started by arsonists’

04 April, 2018

AN OFFICER at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) has stated his belief that a spate of recent fires in Hull high rises were ‘started deliberately’.

EU launches fire safety campaign

29 August, 2017

THE EUROPEAN Union initiative comes after the Grenfell Tower fire, and alongside a fire safety debate to take place next month.

Schools fire safety report still awaited

26 September, 2018

SIX MONTHS after a whistleblower revealed ‘dozens’ of fire safety violations at the Edinbarnet Primary School in West Dunbartonshire, reports on schools across