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Government announces ADB review

20 July, 2018

SECRETARY OF State for Communities, James Brokenshire, revealed that the government has both ‘clarified’ building regulation fire safety guidance, and has launc

Construction site fire safety tips shared

15 September, 2017

A series of recommendations noted that while such fires ‘are usually an unexpected occurrence’, they can have ‘devastating consequences which can damage a busin

New chief fire officer for Essex

07 August, 2017

ADAM ECKLEY has led the fire and rescue service for three years, and will help it with its transition towards being governed by the police and crime commissione

Residents criticise housing estate’s fire safety flaws

15 February, 2018

THE LOCAL residents of the Orchard Village estate in Rainham, Essex have called their estate ‘dangerous and a disaster waiting to happen’ after a recent fire.

RISCAuthority at work

01 April, 2016

Dr Jim Glockling brings us up to date on RISCAuthority’s engagement with BSi on the publication of commercial watermist standards and describes emerging insurer