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RISCAuthority at Work - June 2014

23 May, 2014

With the scale of waste fires headlining the news, Dr Jim Glockling looks at causes, impacts and insurer perspectives, and how RISCAuthority and partners are su

Weighing up the law - April 2015

01 April, 2015

Solicitor Warren Spencer provides his second instalment on how case law is guiding the courts when considering sentencing guidelines

RISCAuthority at work Jul-Aug 2016

28 July, 2016

Dr Jim Glockling discusses the publication of the commercial watermist standard, BS 8489, and insurer experience of end-user and installer confusion between req

Viewpoint - November 2015

27 October, 2015

The Fire Sector Summit takes place this month and conference organiser Mark Sennett explains why it’s the hottest ticket in town.

RISCAuthority at work - July-August 2015

30 June, 2015

Are modern building cladding systems contributing to fire ingress and external fire spread? Tests underway at the FPA’s Blockley facility are examining lesser k