Fire hit retirement home had no sprinklers fitted

Fire hit retirement home had no sprinklers fitted

THE BEECHMERE retirement complex was destroyed in the fire last weekend, and Cheshire Fire and Rescue (CFRS) has revealed the building was not fitted with sprinklers.

ITV News reported on the fire at the complex in Crewe, which saw 150 residents evacuated and the blaze requiring a maximum of 16 appliances at its height. After the fire destroyed most of the building a demolition crew was requested to assist in demolishing areas that were ‘no longer structurally stable’. The home had only recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, with CFRS now investigating what caused the fire.

On the investigation, the news outlet noted that ‘whether the building adhered to regulation will form part’, while one of its reporters asked chief fire officer Gus O’Rourke whether the building had been fitted with sprinklers. He stated that ‘it had no sprinkler system’, and added that ‘the building should have adhered to the current legislation on fire protection and compartmentation’.

Mr O’Rourke also pointed out that he ‘would not have expected the fire to go through this building as quickly as it did’, with ITV News noting in turn that firefighters had stayed on site throughout the weekend, with a number of road closures expected.

A CFRS statement added: ‘Our firefighters have been working extremely hard to tackle the fire at Beechmere, Crewe. They worked throughout the night, all day today, and will remain attendance until the fire is fully extinguished. Our main priority is the safe of the local community and due to the structural stability of the building the safety cordon will remain in place. Unfortunately, this means that residents who were evacuated from their homes may not be able to return tonight.’