First kitchen fire protection certification awarded

First kitchen fire protection certification awarded

BAFE AND NSI have awarded the first certificates of approval and registration for the former’s SP206 kitchen fire protection systems scheme.

The scheme was launched in October last year, and covers the ‘design, installation, commissioning, recharge and maintenance of kitchen fire suppression/extinguishing systems’. According to BAFE, fire and insurance data shows that food and drink related fires are ‘statistically the third most likely cause of large fires’ and account for ‘nearly’ 10% of all large loss fires. In turn, fires involving restaurants and cafes represent around 42% of all fires within the food and drink sector ‘put together’.

The scheme was developed with industry experts from Ansul, Amerex and Nobel Fire Systems, certification bodies NSI and BSI, and was chaired by the FPA’s Dr Jim Glockling. BAFE stated that the scheme ‘enhances the level of quality for these specific works to ensure a safer working kitchen environment’, as well as aiding in the ‘reduction of kitchen fires escalating to an uncontrollable and dangerous situation’.

At NSI’s annual summit in late March, the organisations awarded the ‘first ever’ third party certificate of approval and registration to the scheme to Abbot Fire Group, with founder Nigel Walton awarded the certificate by Jonathan O’Neill, managing director of the FPA, during the summit. In turn, Nobel Fire Systems were also awarded certification, with BAFE stating that both it and NSI ‘would like to congratulate’ the two companies for their achievement, and ‘all those involved in the development’ of the scheme.

Mr. Walton commented: ‘Third party certification is continuing to be an important factor in the fire safety industry. We are grateful to BAFE for establishing this scheme which allows us to demonstrate our skill and expertise in providing our kitchen fire system offerings. I am immensely proud of my hard working and diligent team that all helped earn this certification.

‘This is a combination of a two year development process and a personal campaign of mine as the industry requires Third Party Certification for kitchen system work to appropriately assess competency. My thanks go out to BAFE, NSI and the whole development team for this.’

Chris Auger, BAFE schemes manager, stated: ‘The NSI Summit is a great event to present this certification, with NSI being the first UKAS Accredited Certification Body to offer this scheme. We are confident the BAFE SP206 scheme represents the best levels of quality and service excellence to help reduce the risk of injury and increase property protection from commercial kitchen fires.’

John Davidson, head of field operations (systems) at NSI, added: ‘As the first certification body in the UK to be accredited by UKAS and licensed by BAFE to deliver the SP206 scheme we are delighted to announce these new approvals and look forward to more companies within the sector undergoing independent assessment. The over-arching aim is to help duty-holders select competent contractors, and so reduce risk, raise standards and protect those who use and/or occupy premises housing commercial kitchens.

‘NSI fully supports the drive for fire safety by BAFE, insurers and professional installers and we welcome the authority this scheme gives professional approved installers to issue operators of commercial kitchens with NSI/BAFE Certificates of Compliance as evidence their kitchen fire protection systems are fit for purpose.’